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Oscar Suite Retreat for Red Cross Haitian Relief Efforts

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Jenna Leigh Lingerie and TY KU Asian Wine & Spirits have partnered with The Silver Spoon for their Oscar Weekend Suite Retreat to help raise money for the Red Cross Haitian Relief Efforts.  This exciting event will be taking place on March 3rd & 4th from 11am to 5pm.  The invitation-only event will be displayed […]

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Fashion North of the Neckline

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Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand, right? It can even be argued that both (beauty and GOOD fashion) are in the eye of the beholder. I mean, on several accounts I have disagreed with Heidi, Michael, and Nina on which designer should be sent home and almost never do me and my girlfriends agree on which […]

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Runway Wrap Up

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We just finished up another FABULOUS New York Fashion Week and we saw the good, the bad, and the ugly grace the runway. What are WFO’s favorite trends? Well let’s just say Scarlett O’hara was onto something when she had Mammy make her a head-to-toe green velvet frock (and out of drapes nonetheless).

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Intimate Intimates

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What’s next for fashion? Dressing in your undies! Okay, okay may be not so literally but Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Christian Dior are just a few designers whose latest fashions are inspired by undergarments. Need me to be more specific? No problem. I’m talkin’ ‘bout lace shirts, tap shorts, and pj bottoms (yes pj bottoms!)

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Fashion Trends We’re Watching

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Trend #1 –  School girl look.  Classier and more sophisticated than the Japanese school girl look. Trend #2 – Photoprints.  You started to see this look on bags years ago and you may have even it seen a few glimpses from your famous vintage store.  The look has now matured and we think you’ll love […]

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Five Steps to Developing Your Own Fashion Style

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Your style is one thing you have COMPLETE control over, and who says you have to be bogged down by any one? (If you’re wishing this applied to boyfriends, that’s a whole other issue altogether). I hate to be the bearer of bad news but a lot of people that think they have a style truly don’t. What I mean is: how would you describe your look day-by-day?

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Leggings – The Controversy Continues

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The other day I got into a “philosophical” conversation about leggings with two coworkers, Dan and Danielle (shout out!). Miss Danielle’s poor eyes had just been scarred. She had spotted an unsuspecting fashion victim wearing leggings with a sweatshirt…a sweatshirt that didn’t cover the booty (gasp!). Luckily Dan and I were there to diffuse the […]

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Fashion Week Day 1 – Let the fun begin

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This is absolutely the next best thing to being there. Let us know you’re favorites!

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Top 2010 Fashion Trends

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I’m not quite sure what the Auld Lang Syne song means but if you “forget old acquaintances” be sure to remember our fashion forecast! It’s been said that “function is the new luxury.” Wooooooohoooooo FINALLY clothes every-day women can actually WEAR. Minimalism is in folks and like it or not the following trends are on […]

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Dish about Plastic Surgery

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At 5’6” 133 lbs I’ve always been, for the most part, happy with my appearance… north of my neck. If you were to ask me everything else is a COMPLETE and UTTER disaster. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling I’m not alone on this one. Women obsess over their bodies; it’s like a […]

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