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The Fashion Accessory Primer

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We’ve heard Tim Gunn say it time and time again: “Please use the Macy’s or Bluefly Accessory Wall thoughtfully.” The truth of the matter is, accessories can make or break a look. When in doubt, it’s usually less offensive to under accessorize than to have the hat, earrings, bracelet, cocktail ring, AND necklace all in […]

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The Power of the Alluring Scent

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We all saw the holiday season’s commercials spotlighting the latest scents manufacturers hoped we buy our boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and mothers (and I dare say many did). Cha-ching $. A romantic-looking Kate Winslet posed for a Trѐsor commercial, a sculpted-abed model for Acqua Di Gio, even Britney and Kevin made a comeback for Brit Brit’s Fantasy. What’s on the agenda for 2010?

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Runway Ready to Small Town Smart

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Here’s the thing: we all know you can’t get away with New York style in Miami, Miami style in LA, or LA style in New York. Well, the same rule holds true for big city to small town and vice versa.  You may go less-noticed if you’re trading up to a more urban stomping ground […]

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Spring Fashion Trends to Watch

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Dear Fashion Lovers, I write to you with renewed motivation. I just watched Rachael Zoe AGAIN on Tivo (Paris Fashion Week episode) and thus am experiencing a fashion “high” of sorts. It had just enough Chanel and Louis Vuitton to keep my mind reeling all night! As I try to get a grip, I’d like […]

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – A Look Back

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An excerpt from our Fashion Week Coverage – look for updates from 2010 Fashion Week Ok kids, I’m here to give you all the juicy details on the one and only New York Fashion Week (or Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as we were politely reminded to refer to it). One word, two syllables. BA-NANAS (a nod […]

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Fashion Modeling – Revelation to Runway Bliss

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Revelation to Runway Bliss Cinderella stories of “getting discovered” may be what you imagine on your journey into the spotlight, but I wouldn’t count on Prince Charming showing up at your doorstep, modeling contract in tow anytime soon. Being proactive is the best way. For all you model wannabes, it’s time to finally turn your […]

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Bikini Waxing – All you need to know

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The age-old question: how to keep it clean “down there?” You may not like my answer, but getting a wax is the most efficient way. While bikini waxing may will never be an enjoyable experience, there’s a lot you can do to make the occurrence a lot less traumatizing than it would otherwise be, especially […]

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Women Handbag Trends and Perspectives

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Gretchen Launches in the United States for Spring/Summer 09 with a Cutting-edge Collection of Bauhaus-Inspired Handbags and Fine Leather Goods. Spring/Summer 2009 marked the United States launch of Gretchen, the innovative European handbag and leather collection

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A Woman and Her Shoes

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The proverb says you have to walk a mile in another man’s shoes to truly understand him. Our shoes have been with us through all of our journeys, whether as a source of comfort or of pain, symbolic of where we have been and where we are going.

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Designer Jean Allure

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Try on a pair of your typical department store jeans ($30-80 price range). Then sit down. How they look and feel while sitting may be completely different. Now, try on a pair of designer jeans. You get what you pay for. The cheaper jeans will feel like burlap in comparison. They’re painful when you squat/sit down digging into your waist and back of the knees.

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