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Revelation to Runway Bliss

Cinderella stories of “getting discovered” may be what you imagine on your journey into the spotlight, but I wouldn’t count on Prince Charming showing up at your doorstep, modeling contract in tow anytime soon. Being proactive is the best way. For all you model wannabes, it’s time to finally turn your daytime dreams of designer apparel and beautiful people into reality. Here’s what you need to do to find out if you’ve got the goods.

  1. Go online. Go online and research all the various modeling agencies in New York (and other major cities for that matter) and get educated. What kinds of models do they represent?  Which agencies are editorial, which are commercial, and which are both? Once you do this make a list of those you would like to pursue. Remember to pay attention to what the agency is also looking for. Some have height requirements and some have age limits. Make sure you meet all specifications before investing your time and energy into any one agency.
  2. Take a snapshot. Have a friend or family member take your picture but nothing fussy. Modeling agencies are interested in a blank canvass. No makeup or very little would be the wise choice. Headshots and body shots should be taken as well as one showing your profile. Girls: enclose pics with your hair up AND down. Email photos, along with your height, weight, and other measurements to the appropriate email address of each agency. You should’ve found these during step 1.
  3. Book a trip. If an agency is interested, they will get back to you after receiving your information, but why leave your fate in someone else’s hands? Book a trip to New York. Many agencies have open calls once a week. Check out to find out which agencies offer these and when they are scheduled for. Show up on the appropriate day and time with the simple snapshots you’ve already taken. You should schedule your trip so that you can see as many agencies as possible. Diversify.
  4. Schedule an appointment. If the agency you’re interested in doesn’t offer open calls, or if the time they are scheduled for isn’t convenient, call the agency and book and appointment. Depending on the business, you’ll want to meet with the owner/president and bookers. These are the people that will make the ultimate decision if they want to invite you into their organization.
  5. Enjoy your newfound enlightenment. Whether congratulations are in order or not, at least now you know. If you feel your dreams have been crushed, don’t worry. Now you have time to focus on a new calling and hey, at least you got to visit New York! If your trip resulted in contractual obligations and “test shoots” woooohoooo! Just remember while you’re tearin’ up the catwalk that How To Look Like A Model helped you get there.

Modeling Do’s

  • Do your research
  • See as many agencies as possible
  • Wear minimal makeup
  • Bring heels wherever you go
  • Wear form-fitted clothing

Modeling Don’ts

  • Be passive
  • Wear too much makeup
  • Sport baggy clothing
  • Bring professional photos previously taken
  • Spend any money upfront

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