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Guess who just got back from Japan? Me, me, me! So, I am a travel junkie, but it finally occurred to me: some of you may appreciate a little info on the current trends on some of the fashion capitals of the world. Woohoo. Believe it or not, there’s more fashion beyond the Big Apple.

Let’s look at Paris, Tokyo, and London. Since I’ve been privy to travel to all three (score!), let’s say l have first-hand fashion exposure in the lands which extend beyond Uncle Sam’s terrain. Never been able to travel before? Go! It stimulates more than just your fashion sense.

Ok let’s be clear: we’re gonna talk street style. After all, fashionistas hitting the pavement abroad aren’t just wearing the latest Japanese, French, and British designer creations. No, no, no, it’s much more complex than that! Each city has its own culture and as you may know, culture can be expressed through food, music, dance, and style! If I had to, I’d summarize each city as such: See if you can identify which cities claim the following styles…and no cheating!

What city are you overwhelmed by Jackets-a-plenty + scarves + ankle boots + black?
What city is in love with skinny jeans + flats + pashminas (worn around the neck)?
Pick the city where you’re finding sky-high hemlines + floral prints + knee highs?

answers – Paris, London, Tokyo

Got them all right? You’re so smart! Ok, let’s break it down. The world marvels at Parisian style so what gives? Hmmm maybe it’s all the attractive, slender French people…or perhaps it is residents’ insane layering that makes their ensembles so chic. Either way, snapshots of Paris folk are bound to get you thinking, “Huh, I never would have thought of putting that together.”

Now on to the Brits. The English seem to favor the natural look and this means minimal makeup and naturally styled hair. No hair dryers, no straighteners, no curling irons, etc. How liberating!  Throw in the fact that everyone is size four and smaller, you have a whole bunch of off-duty-model-looking ladies walking around. Translation: not the place to go if your ego needs a boost.

Heading even more eastward into Japan we enter the land of (drum roll)…the schoolgirl. This look isn’t so popular in The States (sorry boys) but these ladies are avid fans of the trench coat and floral hem combo. Ultra-long, straight locks complete every look.

Au revoir, cheerio, and sayounara for now!

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