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As a recent college graduate and new member of the corporate world, I requested gift cards to buy myself new work attire.  I was looking forward to going to some of my favorite department stores to find some great pieces.  So, one afternoon I dragged my fiancé to Kohl’s to aid in my search for some new dress pants, skirts and tops.  After walking circles and circles around the Junior’s  I was becoming increasingly irritated.  I felt like a majority of their clothes were aimed at girls in High School, not college graduates.  So I decided to venture over to the Petite’s section to see if I could at least find dress pants that fit me.  After browsing their small section, I realized their clothes were more for women my mother’s age.  Now, I’m not saying, by any means that fifty is old, but let’s be honest, my mother and I are not wearing the same style pants and blouses. 

After talking, and complaining, the entire way home to my fiancé, it dawned on me, petite women my age have been overlooked.  It’s one thing to assume that all skinny and short people can just fit into anything, but it’s another thing to not offer wardrobe options that fit a petite body.  I’m used to having my pants hemmed so they fit, and finding tops usually isn’t too difficult, but finding nice suit pieces, blazers, slacks, blouses, or anything this says “I’m young and successful” without saying “ I shop in the old lady section” is a huge plus.  It sort of feels like I’m stuck in the middle and my body type has been overlooked and neglected.  It’s kind of a sad place to be.  Nothing is worse than looking forward to a serious shopping trip, only to wind up empty handed because nothing fit.  I just wish you didn’t have to be qualified for a Senior Citizens discount to shop in the Petite section. When will they make an adorable business-casual line for us vertically challenged girls of the world!

WFO Update – We hear you and we’re actually in the process of creating a Petite only online store dedicated to making sure you have fashion forward options.  Look for it May 2010.

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