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An excerpt from our Fashion Week Coverage – look for updates from 2010 Fashion Week

Ok kids, I’m here to give you all the juicy details on the one and only New York Fashion Week (or Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as we were politely reminded to refer to it). One word, two syllables. BA-NANAS (a nod to Miss Zoe). Here’s the breakdown. I was able to witness the wonderful spectacles of the following designers (in chronological order):

As a FW first-timer, I’ll admit I had zero idea of what to expect. Everything from protocol of getting invites to the attire to dress my inexperienced self in was all on a learning curve. I will tell you this: the awkwardness of not knowing a single soul plus the tedium of standing in line after line was well rewarded the second the lights dimmed and the techno started to blare.

Let me first paint you a picture. After you weasel yourself past the crowd of people outside the tents (gawking for no apparent reason), men appropriately dressed in black suits accessorized with ear-pieces and high-heeled girls passing out media editions of Daily, were upon the front steps to great you.  Once inside: another station with publications in the entrance, open-bar to the left, sponsor-booths outlining the perimeter (giving away free stuff of course), plasma tvs replaying all of the runway shows, and finally a ten-foot decorative bowl of something-or-other was the focal point of the room.  Approximately ½ hour before each show was scheduled to start, the designer’s worker bees (or PR firm’s worker bees) would set up shop and start checking people in. Your name, of course, HAD to be on the list in order to be granted access. If you’re a somebody, you most likely got invited directly from the designer and were sent your hard invite with seat assignment ready to go. Thus, you would’ve been spared the lowly task of waiting in line and could whisk by us little people in a separate line.

The appearance of the “chosen ones” was quite uniform: short hem, skinny legs, chanel bag, Christian Louboutin heels. Check. The remaining bodies consisted of people like myself: press, bloggers, people- who-knew-people, and the occasional business owner. I got the opportunity to chat with a dozen-or-so people throughout the week. Everyone was very nice and they seemed to have one thing in common. EVERYONE thought they were fabulous (snap, snap).

Among the boys in bowties and fashionistas in cocktail dresses there were a few celebrity sightings! Yippieeeee. And yes, I still consider reality stars stars. Gracing the fashion scene with their presence were housewives of NYC Countess LuAnn De Lesseps, Jill Zarin, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, and Ramona Singer. Sheree Whitfield of Atlanta was also spotted at the Jill Stuart show. Miss Sheree was in town debuting her own clothing line She by Sheree.  For you ANTM fans, Mr. Nigel Barker and Miss Jay were also in full force. I also noticed Lisa Rinna and who I believe was Kristen Johnston. That’s not all folks, I saved the best for last. Leanne Marshall! You know, from Project Runway, Season 5 winner! I even scored a picture with her J

If you’re a fashion lover, or even enthusiast, I would encourage you to do everything you can to make it to one of these amaaaaaaaaazing weeks. Make a deal with the devil- whatever it takes. While the process isn’t glamorous, the payoff is soooo worth it. I’m still giddy and it’s been a week since I’ve left New York! What’s to come?  Tackle New York Fall Fashion Week 2010!

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