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We  all saw the holiday season’s commercials spotlighting the latest scents manufacturers hoped we buy our boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and mothers (and I dare say many did). Cha-ching $. A romantic-looking Kate Winslet posed for a Trѐsor commercial, a sculpted-abed model for Acqua Di Gio, even Britney and Kevin made a comeback for Brit Brit’s Fantasy. What’s on the agenda for 2010? According to the Harper’s Baazar issue I gobbled up during my latest hair appointment (a hair appointment which took 3 ½ hours. ugh) the latest must-haves are:

Some fun facts about Mr. Jacobs’ fragrances: Lola is speculated to be inspired by Madonna’s daughter Lourdes while a Miss Daisy Lowe is the face Marc by Marc Jacobs. Muse much or just a coinkidink?  Sorry, nothing worthy of mention for Klein and Wang.  This foursome might be what you ought to take home from department store counters but what about those creations yet to be introduced? Titillating 2010 debuts include:

  • Fergie – The Black Eyed Peas star is set to launch her little bottle in conjunction with Avon come November. No news on what Miss Fergie Ferg will name her line. Any guesses?  I’m betting on Delicious by Fergalicous!
  • Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum – “Violet with an urban, metallic edge,” this fragrance, although not being released until Feb, was recently listed on eBay! If you just can’t wait for its official debut, check it out. The Bay has everything.
  • Heat by Beyonce – The voluptuous singer named her fragrance as such “because she loves everything red and gold”. Tagline: “Catch the fever.” Check it out at
  • Burberry Sport for men – Get ready guys, coming in February this newest addition to Burberry’s sport line features top notes like ginger, grapefruit and wheat with a base of cedar and musk. Yum.
  • Burberry Sport for women – Au voir to the staple Burberry plaid design and bonjour to a new red and black design showcasing mandarin and sea salt opening notes. I like mandarins…and sea salt for that matter. But together? Interesting…
  • Bvlgari Blv Eau d’Ete – Hmmm not sure I know how to pronounce this one but it opens with blue and mint sensations. Sounds like a piece of Winterfresh gum to me!

If your honey didn’t have anything pretty-smelling under the tree, here’s what you can hold out for in the New Year. Me? I know for a fact I like the smell of Daisy but Lola’s bottle is so much more tempting! As always…classy, sassy, and fabulous.

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