While it may seem like a made up trend, jeggings are one of the hottest items this season.  The only problem most of us fashionistas run into is knowing whether or not these work for you and how to go about shopping around for the perfect pair.  The solution is simple and accessible to any woman’s wardrobe.  Fit, color and length.  Like following the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, color and carat) when finding the perfect diamond for a soon to be fiancé, we need to adhere to the same cautionary research and selection process.  Find the perfect fit, the perfect color and perfect length. Once you have mastered the “Rule of 3”, you can style your jeggings in a variety of ways. Browse through the following three ways to finding your perfect pair of jeggings.

Fitting In: When you are looking for that ultimate comfortable fit remember to thoroughly analyze the fabric and ask yourself these questions:

  • How much will it stretch?
  • How is the quality, will it stand up to everyday wear?
  • Can I wash these in the washer or will they need to be dry cleaned?

Getting the right answers for those questions will help to ensure the fit is just right for you from the moment you purchase them to your last day of wear.

Color Me Glad: Jeggings these days come in a wide variety of colors and selecting the perfect one can be a little intimidating.  To make your shopping excursion easier, follow these simple tricks for picking out the best color choice to mix with your wardrobe:

  • Opt for lighter shades for more casual looks.
  • Choose darker colors for dressier styles.
  • Check if the color will fade over time or will bleed after washing.

Go to Great Lengths: Once you have figured out the fit and color, next stop is choosing the right length for your body and style. If you love to wear flats, then go for shorter or ankle length jeggings. However, if you’re a high heel kinda gal, opt for longer lengths; it’ll elongate your legs and keep you on-trend.

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