Love ‘em or Leave ‘em: Takin’ it to the Streets.  Fashion calamity or incredibly street chic– regardless of your thoughts, leggings are here to stay (sorry haters!).  Yup, the fashion forecast says skin-tight spandex remains on the horizon. Out of curiosity, I went into investigator mode and asked both guys’ and girls’ what they REALLY thought of these threads. Here’s what I dug up– read on for some of their most memorable statements.

Numero uno: “They’re okay so long as your shirt covers you butt…otherwise it’s ghetto.” -Amy

Ah yes, we are all acutely aware of the controversy associated with the length of the shirt you choose to pair with your bottom huggers. I’m not too sure about “ghetto” but one thing’s for sure: it’s not the best look.

On to the next…“They’re horrible…especially the cheap ones that leave nothing to the imagination.” -Deirdre

Hmmm, maybe this is in reference to white leggings? I’m thinking if you’re leaning towards white and tight, you might as well forego pants altogether. Ya know, seeing how you can pretty much see directly through them! Don’t disappoint Deirdre, people…just. say. no.

“They are a disdain to fashion and usually make girls look like oompa loompas.” -Daniel

A little harsh? Maybe…The last time I checked, oompa loompas are orange but I think what dear Daniel means to say is they make girls look squat.

“The fact that Lindsay Lohan now has her own designer line of leggings should make a girl think twice before making the mistake of purchasing a pair…” -Dierdre

Poor L. Lohan just can’t win. We hear that Big Red is a cool half mil in debt, so maybe we should throw her a bone and buy a pair of her shredded leggings. Ya know, show some goodwill.

It seems as though the consensus is leggings are a no-go . Time to weigh in…I say green light ahead! No matter how others weigh in, I’m an advocate. Just be sure you know the basics. Avoid: prints, white (and any color other than clack), and anything too tight or too short up top. Consider yourself now passed in Leggings 101.   We’ve just launched a new Legging & Jegging Online Store that we think you’ll just love.

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