What makes women designer jeans worth the extra buck?

Try on a pair of your typical department store jeans ($30-80 price range). Then sit down. How they look and feel while sitting may be completely different. Now, try on a pair of designer jeans. You get what you pay for. The cheaper jeans will feel like burlap in comparison. They’re painful when you squat/sit down digging into your waist and back of the knees. Designer’s new styles blend fabrics with a small percentage of stretch. The mix of soft material and stretch allows the jeans to move with you and contour to your body. Some words of warning, once you go designer, there’s no going back.

Quality vs. Quantity

Higher-priced jeans are generally more expensive because the fabric is finer, sturdier and made outside the U.S. Unlike regular jeans, after a whole day of wear they don’t sag, making you look like you’re wearing a diaper. The fabric has a tighter weave, making it softer and with intricate sewing on the seams making them last longer and hold shape better. Fans agree that the soft denim gives them a luxurious feel.

Realize you’re paying for a look.

To create this look, tone washing, chemical washing, sandblasting, rivets, baking, whiskering are done piece by piece by hand. That labor time makes up most of the difference between today’s high-priced jeans. Some fashion mavens seek out trademark details and limited edition jeans. Eventually these pieces turn into collector’s items. Mass marketed jeans are produced in bulk. Those distressed, worn-in looks are usually spray painted on. Yet having these options is beneficial. Once you find one the perfect jeans can buy it in several washes to add dimension to your wardrobe.

Status factor attached to brands is another enticer. For fashionistas upscale jeans offer the perfect fit and are the latest ‘must-have.’ For women today, jeans can make or break an outfit. To this generation jeans have become a closet staple. To us jeans are as important as that little black dress. Jeans have become a closet staple. Today jeans cross into over into many areas in our life. Jeans can be dressed up, dressed down. People wear jeans shopping to restaurants, and even to the office.

Dress-up womens jeans are clean and sleek with a dark wash. Again, replicating the classic black pant. This style should be mid rise/high rise free of rips or fading. No matter your body type, these jeans should be simple and stylish. Pair these classic jeans with heels and tailored top and presto! Evening ready.

Daytime jeans are more casual. Some may have rips, fading, and embellishments or are cropped. Best of all, they can be worn every day of the week. Many women don’t know that a few strategically placed fading, rips and tears can take off years.

Remember, your perfect jeans exist. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try on another pair. When you go out and buy jeans you’re on a mission. The average person tries on fifteen pairs of jeans before finding the golden pair. After trying on so many and feeling defeated it’s rewarding to find that perfect pair. At that moment, you don’t care about price. Your perfect jeans are out there, but be prepared to work for it.

Do the fashion math. Discount Womens Designer Jeans Cost Per Wear Ratio

Ok, mathletes feast your eyes on this equation. On average you’ll wear that pair of jeans 10 times in a month. Compare that to the $700 you just coughed up for a decent suit that you’ll wear maybe three times. With that ‘investment’ you didn’t even bat an eye. So, why own five dingy pairs when you can afford one perfect fitting jean that accentuates what ya mama gave ya? Savvy Fashionistas KNOW: Spend a lot of dough on the items you’ll wear a lot. It’s an investment. And penny-pinch on trends that’ll be tired in six months.

Bottom line, life is too short to dress frumpy. Invest. To shop for designer jeans for women online click here

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