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What’s next for fashion? Dressing in your undies! Okay, okay may be not so literally but Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Christian Dior are just a few designers whose latest fashions are inspired by undergarments. Need me to be more specific? No problem. I’m talkin’ ‘bout lace shirts, tap shorts, and pj bottoms (yes pj bottoms!)

K lets break it down. Lace shirts are pretty self-explanatory but if you don’t know what tap shorts are (love them), they’re adorable little, ruffley shorts that are usually made out of silk or lace. They come in a variety colors but pastels seem to be the most common. Diesel Black Gold, Sunner, and Alexander Wang (this man can do no wrong) each have their versions in the February issue of ELLE. I’ll take a pair! Too bad I’ll have to wait until a more affordable brand comes out with them L Moving on…

Who doesn’t love jammies? No one, that’s who! Ok please pay attention because I’m not suggesting you take your plaid, flannel numbers and strut your stuff around town. No, no. Remember the operative word here is INSPIRED. We don’t want you looking like a co-ed who just rolled out of bed and didn’t bother to get dressed for class. These “jams” are actually MEANT to be worn during the daytime and are usually floral with an occasional subtle polka-dot in the mix. I want a pair of these too! Ugh.

Share my frustration with sky-high designer duds? Not to worry because one little company which brands itself with red and white circles has our backs. Target, or “tar-zhay” as I like to call it, has partnered with Rodarte to deliver us some quality bedtime-inspired looks. SUPER CUTE and they’re in that sorbet color which is the color to dress is this season. Want to find out more? Visit

Interested in find which other designers are designing for us every-day women? Read our Fabulously Frugal article. Ta-ta for now.

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