I’m not quite sure what the Auld Lang Syne song means but if you “forget old acquaintances” be sure to remember our fashion forecast! It’s been said that “function is the new luxury.” Wooooooohoooooo FINALLY clothes every-day women can actually WEAR. Minimalism is in folks and like it or not the following trends are on the horizon:

Military, khaki, and the like. Atteeeeeeeention!  Ralph Lauren, Céline, and Chloé are those top designers whose collections are based on this utilitarian style. Look out for military jackets styled with lots ‘o buttons or embellished shoulders. In fact, I just bought myself one super cute navy number with blinged-out shoulders (WITH shoulder pads). I love it and I can’t help but feel as though I’m paying homage to Mr. Michael Jackson when I wear it (So sad L). On a lighter note, expect to see a fare share of khaki dresses- not my fav so hopefully they won’t last beyond this season. Wait I take that back. Ms. Kate Bosworth was sporting a great khaki one-piece with exposed sides in my latest Harper’s Bazaar issue. I admit there are some exceptions. Just be sure not to invest a more traditional version, a.k.a. a short-sleeved, collared, button-up with a sash around the waist.

Denim. We all know the runway has long avoided blue jeans, but this year we’re seeing a new take on baby blues. Look out for vests and denim dresses in a variety of cuts and washes. Sorry Guess, you’re not the only one producing this look anymore. Since we’re talking denim, anyone watch the “potato sack challenge” Project Runway? Yes, yes Ping probably should’ve gotten kicked off that time and although I didn’t like Miss Pamela’s dress (the girl who got kicked off), at least she was on trend! Also, am I the only one who thinks Heidi is extra talkative this season? Put a sock in it Klum, I wanna hear Michael and Nina too!

Sorbet. No not the ice cream, the color! Last year we saw that great electric purple and this year isn’t very far from it. Pinks and purples are on the same side of the color wheel and this year is all about the “harmonious” colors—lavender, fuchsia, and sorbet.  Mary J. Blige knows what’s going on. She wore a fuchsia gown to the Grammy’s this year.  You go girl!

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