How would you describe your style?

  • Upper East Side preppy (a la Blaire Waldorf)
  • J.Lo glam
  • Nicole Richie boho
  • Rhianna alternative
  • Rachel Zoe retro

If you weren’t able to answer this, ask yourself this: Is your style such a smorgasbord you couldn’t define yourself by one category? If so, your sense of style is having a bit of an identity crisis. Don’t worry; consider Women Fashion Online your emergency hotline. Take charge sister!  Your style is one thing you have COMPLETE control over, and who says you have to be bogged down by any one? (If you’re wishing this applied to boyfriends, that’s a whole other issue altogether). I hate to be the bearer of bad news but a lot of people that think they have a style truly don’t. What I mean is: how would you describe your look day-by-day? If you’re at a loss for words, consider yourself in style limbo.  Too many people take their cues from the wrong kinds of sources—what everyone is wearing to work/school; what the department stores are carrying or worse yet–what they have on sale. Dare to be different.  Let’s consider my initial question. Now, picture any one of these fashion icons walking down the street only stripped on their fame (i.e. Rhianna wasn’t Rhianna). Do you really think they would blend in with woodwork? I don’t think so! Fashion is all about having a point of view. What’s yours? To develop your own style start by:

  1. Creating a collage. Look at the magazines; get some ideas. If you have a style icon, bust out your inner stalker and research, research, research!  Clip out everything that inspires you and compile your findings on a sheet of paper. I know, I know—this is a little arts & crafts but it will seriously help you visualize your ideal style. What would mine look like? Probably one part Olivia Palermo, one part Taylor Jacobson, with dashes of Lauren Conrad, Heidi Klum, and Rachel Zoe topped off with a mix of Calvin dresses (I mean really, the man can’t go wrong).
  2. Define. What three adjectives would you use to describe the collection of clothes in your collage? Sleek, modern, sophisticated? Young, fresh, and flirty? These words will serve as the foundation to your new style. We’ll call it your “style platform.” Hey, a ‘lil politics never hurt a fashionista (just ask Michelle Obama).
  3. Compare and contrast. Take a minute and look in your closet. Compare your collage to your own collection of clothes. Do you have any pieces that are reminiscent of your newly-formed style platform? If so, play dress-up—mix ‘n match and don’t forget to accessorize. Emulate the look of your magazine excerpts. Once satisfied, set all completed looks aside. Wear one tomorrow. There’s no time like the present!
  4. Go shopping. Yaaaaaay the part we’ve all been waiting for. I’m sure you all know how to do this well so I’m not going to insult you with any tips other than these: 1) go in to some new stores you previously never would have gone in and 2) if you’re considering a purchase, think of your style icon and ask yourself “would _________ wear this?” If the answer is “no” cease and desist.
  5. Enjoy. Bask in your newfound style savvy and prepare yourself for constant inquiries as to where you got your stuff–I’ll leave it up to your discretion if you’d like to disclose 😉

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