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Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand, right? It can even be argued that both (beauty and GOOD fashion) are in the eye of the beholder. I mean, on several accounts I have disagreed with Heidi, Michael, and Nina on which designer should be sent home and almost never do me and my girlfriends agree on which guys are cute (I’m all about the Eric Danes and Jared Letos of the world). Sound familiar? It just proves my point—we live in a subjective world, so don’t sell out. Be you.

 I was watching Coco Before Chanel the other day (not the Shirley MacClaine movie but the French film) and Coco, born Gabrielle Chanel, wore men’s clothes in a time when women decorated themselves with pearls, feathers, and other frills. Now she is recognized as a 20th century icon and her name resonates with the best of the industry. Way to go Coco, I want one of your bags!

 I think it all has to do with vision and if I may borrow a line from The Holiday, (I’m a big movie buff if you can’t tell) “gumption.” If you’re lacking a bit on the vision side, that’s okay; you can always gather inspiration from someone else’s vision. Don’t even try to tell me you don’t have chutzpah—I’ll call your bluff.

So who are the great visionaries of today? They’re the masterminds behind what you see on the catwalk, of course! North of the neckline, Chanel and Zac Posen are all about amethyst eyes and a red pout. Frame out these features with a messy updo, braid, or sleek ponytail to unleash your inner siren. No no matter who’s your type, you’ll have your pick of the Johnny Depps and Matthew McConaugheys of the world. Knock ‘em dead 😉

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