Here’s the thing: we all know you can’t get away with New York style in Miami, Miami style in LA, or LA style in New York. Well, the same rule holds true for big city to small town and vice versa.  You may go less-noticed if you’re trading up to a more urban stomping ground (due to the sheer volume of people), but if you’re a country bumpkin, there’s no denying that hot-off-the-runway threads don’t exactly fly. So…what to do when you’re stuck in Middle America dying to unleash your inner fashionista goddess? This is the age-old question. While there may not be any right or wrong answer, there are a couple options you may have which satisfy both you and your less fashionable counterparts.

  1. No apologies. This takes courage my friend and usually only works for those who have super-strong personalities. Basically, you dress how you want to dress and endure the stares and impolite (to put in mildly) comments. Trust me…this is a rocky path. I was once asked “Aren’t you a little late for Woodstock?” when I was wearing a headband over my forehead. I mean, how much more basic can you get?! The truth is in many towns if you’re not sporting a North Face, Uggs, and a Vera Bradley bag, you’re considered eccentric. Sigh…Hey, but at least you know (as do they, deep down) you look better than them!
  2. Conform…a little. This is a blend of what your small-town society considers acceptable with a dash of what people (who know what they’re talking about) consider chic. Easiest thing to do would probably stick with edgy shirts and forgo the beret and thigh-high boots. Yes, you must sacrifice a little but at least it’s better than nothing, right? “Dressing down” on a daily basis might not satisfy your vogue craving but when you travel, say to New York City, Paris, or anywhere where the population exceeds say 400,000, your options are limitless. Take advantage of these opportunities! When I went to NY Fashion Week, I busted out everything I lacked the courage to wear elsewhere. Sequins during the day? Hell yea!

Here’s the thing: fashion is supposed to be fun so don’t let it become a burden. Be sure to stay true to number one: you! Band together with other style deviants like yourself. They’ll give you compliments and a little more nerve than you’d otherwise have on your own. Just keep in mind, good friends are your friends because of who you are, not what you wear. As always, family will have an opinion but they usually don’t know what they’re talking about! Do your best to surround yourself in an environment that fosters creativity and uniqueness. If you ever feel yourself caving in, stay strong—immerse yourself in fashion magazine. A good dose of high-fashion a day keeps the passé away!

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